How to indicate the smartness of the appliances?


Smartness is an important factor when we are specking of energy efficiency or appliances functions.
Amdea, the British Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, has been invited to participate in discussions of UK proposals for a cybersecurity label.
The European energy label for energy using products has been so successful in driving investment in energy saving measures that all the current labels now need to be rescaled.
UK policy makers are convinced that the label has been a significant tool to drive behavioural change among consumers, so are looking for something similar to use in other areas. Though the legislation specifically prohibits the use of any other label that might be confused with the energy label. As Amdea explains in a press release, currently there is a sort of schism in the stakeholders: mandatory versus voluntary, proper standards versus list of desired (unmeasurable) requirements.
At European level it has been suggested that the energy label itself could incorporate a smartness rating, or there could be a supplementary rating system for products identified as an “energy smart appliance”. The International Standards Organisation and International Electrotechnical Commission are already engaged in joint efforts to develop international standards to measure aspects of smart.