The new Blue Sapphire by Officine Gullo


Blue Sapphire is the protagonist of the new project signed by Officine Gullo, Italian company of luxury, customized kitchens. The company created a mix of refined finishes and handicraft manufacturing and realized a project that combines professional functions with elegant style.
The Blue Sapphire project includes a big work island with an elegant top made of golden Calacatta marble. Appliances are of latest generation: a professional induction hub with integrated suction hood and, in addition, two columns, made of mahogany, equipped with systems for a professional cooking and for preservation. Cooker is equipped with 4 burners, a pasta cooker, barbeque, coup de feu, fry top and induction work. The bloc is also equipped with a convection oven GN1/1 and an electrical conventional oven GN2/1, a professional dishwasher and a space to stock vegetables. The structure of the kitchen is made of high thick stainless steel, Blue Sapphire painted. The top and the back are made of white Carrara marble.
The Blue Sapphire project, as all the Officine Gullo solutions, can be fully customize, choosing the composition of the cooking equipment, from dimensions to the composition of the hob, to the engraving of knobs and colours, which can be selected from the whole RAL range.