Electrolux against water waste


Reduction of water consumption is one of the main targets of Electrolux sustainability strategy.
To reach this objective, the company is operating in serveral directions: from the products to human operations, such as supporting projects in Africa.
According to the United Nations World Water Assessment Program (WWAP) 2018, water scarcity is an issue in many regions today and global demand for water is set to increase by as much as 30% by 2050, meaning water supply can no longer be taken for granted.
As part of its efforts to preserve this precious resource, Electrolux is committed to reduce water consumption in its operations by 5% in ‘water-stressed’ areas, as well as enhancing water efficiency in products like dishwashers and washing machines to save water in homes and businesses.
Since 2017, Electrolux Poland has been cooperating with Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH), supporting the initiative with funding to build wells in Southern Sudan.
So far, six wells have been built with support from Electrolux in Poland. These wells are improving living conditions of local communities by providing them with safe clean drinking water, eliminating the risk of exposure to cholera and other waterborne infectious diseases.
In August 2018, top international water experts will gather at the bi-annual World Water Week event in Stockholm. Electrolux is participating in this event, engaging with these experts to discuss Electrolux’s water management monitoring system and the efforts the company is making to reduce its global water footprint.