Ernestomeda presents Inside System


Inside System is among the new solution proposed by Ernestomeda, that also launched a new range of finishes and materials. The project is signed by the architect Giuseppe Bavuso, the company’s art director, who has been collaborating with Ernestomeda since 2012. The Inside System is a real system of containers/cabin, accessible and customizable with different types of equipment. One of the fundamental characteristics of the project is the total opening of the freestanding containers, allowing a very comfortable access. The finishes of the doors range through all the available glasses, veneers and lacquers. The interiors of Inside System, in all its variations, represent real microcosms of functionality and elegance both in the kitchen version and in the pantry or wine cellar one or, again, laundry and closet. The kitchen version of Inside System is a real kitchen environment, complete with all the details: from the Bay washing monobloc to the worktop characterized by the new Gourmet hob, from the InLine wall unit, equipped with InLine Hood, to the new Order shelf, the aluminum shelves system that can be equipped with a wide range of elements.