Second training for the Electrolux Food Foundation


The Electrolux Food Foundation, established in 2016, is an organization born to create employee initiatives by supporting them with funding and resources. They are, generally, inspired to sustainable food consumption and cooking habits, also supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The projects started with a culinary training program as a pilot in Curitiba, Brazil, in September 2017. Since then, 34 people – mostly women – have been trained. Out of the first batch of 18 students, eight so far have found a job.
In September 2018, a second culinary training center will open in São Carlos, Brazil. Plans are also underway to launch the program in Argentina, Russia and Egypt.
«The team in Curitiba – says Malin Ekefalk, Director of Social Responsibility at Electrolux -, together with our partners Worldchefs and AIESEC, took this sketch of an idea, developed and implemented it in a way that exceeded everyone’s expectations. This has inspired us to replicate the program in other locations.»
The ten-week course developed by Worldchefs is taught by volunteering professional chefs in a special kitchen created at the Electrolux facility in Curitiba. The project is driven by employees together with the Electrolux Food Foundation, and is heavily supported by its partners Worldchefs and AIESEC.