Unico Air Inverter by Olimpia Splendid saves space and energy


Unico is a very thin and quiet air conditioner by Olimpia Splendid. Its peculiar design allowed to reduce the dimensions at the minimum. This made-in-Italy solution is characterized by the absence of outdoor unit, that is replaced with only two holes on the external surface. Thanks to the inverter technology, Unico Air Inverter saves up to 30% of energy as compared with a traditional products. Unico, in fact, integrates a DC Inverter compact compressor and an high efficiency slim-coil. Moreover, thanks to the Silent Technology realized with state-of-the-art-soundproof- material, the model has also halved the sound level in respect of the traditional range. As regard functions, Unico Air Inverter provides a wide range power modulation: it adapts the distributed power to the thermal load, minimizing electrical consumptions and with the heat pump version, users can replace traditional heating in intermediate seasons or support it. Functions include: Economy mode: allows energy saving by automatically optimizing the machine’s performance; Fan only mode; Dehumidification only mode; Auto mode: changes parameters depending on ambient temperature; Sleep mode: gradually increases the temperature set and ensures reduced noise for greater wellbeing at night. Air filtering is also very advanced: a multi filtering system, that combines an electrostatic filter with an activated carbon filter, eliminates small particles such as smoke, dust, pollen and pet hair, helping to prevent allergic reactions; removes bad odors and inactivates any harmful gas.