Gaggenau presented the Vario cooling 400 series


In the ‘Gaggenau Home’ displayed at EuroCucina, 2018 the protagonist was the new Vario cooling 400 series; a portfolio of cooling products inspired by grand architectural statements. The range was presented in a full-scale representation of an aspirational domestic space, where the appliances’ ability to go beyond the kitchen was shown.
The ‘Gaggenau Home’ focused on an open-plan kitchen and living space, which hosted a suite of Gaggenau appliances such as the new Vario cooling series, baking, coffee and cooking appliances. The home also included a garage, foyer, living area and outdoor space, all seamlessly connected with the use of authentic, pure materials and a discerningly designed interior structure.
Whilst creating a booth concept of this kind, long-standing partners, architectural firm einszu33 led by Hendrik Müller and Georg Thiersch, deconstructed the sentiment of grand architectural statements.: «We utilised this opportunity – said Sven Schnee, head of global brand Gaggenau – to showcase our newest range of appliances, the award winning Vario cooling 400 series, and its ability to integrate with our ideal of the future contemporary home. Our views have been based on the scale and design of this new range, and their ability to go far beyond the kitchen. We feel this is something we have achieved with great success, through the creation and exhibition of the ‘Gaggenau Home’, an architectural statement that communicated our vision of a living space that holds no bounds.»