The App to control the Baraldi hoods


Baraldi, Italian company that produces hoods designed, projected and manufactured in Italy, offers a wide range of models that can also be controlled through a special App. The user, in fact, can download the free App on a smartphone and connect it with any of the Baraldi line cooker hoods that are ready for this function. This tool allows to control the device from the phone or the remote control supplied with the product.
This technology is bidirectional, which means that phone or remote control and cooker hood communicate with each other by giving added information to the user about the product’s operating status. So, it is possible to check the motor and the lights and know when it is necessary to wash or replace the filters. In addition, the cooker hood operation can be timed with automatic shutdown. The anti-humidity function is also available, which keeps the motor running silently for a few minutes every hour, keeping the ideal change of the air. In the next future Baraldi will also add additional features that will be available by updating the application.