Filigno by TEAM 7, a bridge between kitchen and living


Natural wood and refined ceramic characterized filigno, the new kitchen that TEAM 7 is going to launch at Eurocucina 2018. This model represents a sort of bridge between the kitchen and the living room with its clean design, created in cooperation with the Tesseraux + Partners design studio. Materials and shapes are accurately chosen to create an harmonious open space, also thanks to the sideboards, highboards and furniture complements, awarded with the Iconic Award 2017. The combination between wood and ceramic create a natural effect, that enhances the craftsmanship skills of the company. Filigno is composed by modules covered in thin 3-layer natural wood panels, only 12 mm thick. The ceramic part are 100% natural and recyclable, and are available in soft nuances inspired by the colors of nature. The front part of the island is the height of a sideboard, while the attached work surface made of ceramic turns it into a functional cooking island. The transition is made clear by the change in height and material, but the living spaces melt together harmoniously in use. The base is recessed on the side, emphasizing the visual lightness of the filigno kitchen island and making it appear to float.