Electrolux launches Pure i9 robovac in USA


Electrolux Pure i9 robotic vacuum cleaner is arriving in the USA market. The company announced the launch of this model featuring an innovative design and technology.
Working out of a newly established innovation hub in San Francisco, Electrolux is leveraging the digital expertise and consumer-focused approach of Anova – a leading smart kitchen brand acquired in 2017 by the Electrolux Group.
«We are extremely proud of this product, which we believe will make robotic vacuum cleaners a relevant category for all consumers. This is no longer a gadget for early adopters but a high-performing vacuum cleaner that effortlessly cleans your home while you are away – said Ola Nilsson, Head of Electrolux Home Care & SDA. – With the Pure i9, we’re taking the first step in creating a truly responsive ecosystem of products for wellbeing in the home.»
The product was launched in Europe in September, and recently won the prestigious iF Design award. It has earned best-in-class ratings from leading tech publications around the world.
«We are excited to be involved in launching this product in the United States – said Stephen Svajian, CEO and co-founder of Anova. – The way we meet and engage with consumers in social media has helped make the Anova Precision Cooker the world’s best-selling sous vide device. We believe the Pure i9 has great potential with a similar approach.»