Daikin organizes an exhibit at the next Milan Design Week


Daikin will be once again one of the protagonist of the Milan Design Week. The company, present at the event for the third time, will present an exhibit in Milan from April 17 (Tuesday) to April 22 (Sunday). For this year’s exhibit, Daikin will be collaborating with the design studio nendo led by Oki Sato in presenting designs using the fluoroelastomer DAI-EL, a Daikin fluorochemical product.
Fluoroelastomers are high-performance synthetic rubber that are widely used as material in industry parts requiring durability, such as in sealing applications to prevent the leaking of liquids and foreign material contamination. With application development advancing in recent years to consumer products such as smartwatch wristbands, interest in fluoroelastomers has significantly increased. The Daikin exhibit presents container lids using DAI-EL, a fluoroelastomer demonstrating a remarkably supple feel, high durability, and multiple color variations made possible by Daikin’s own unique color tone technology. By highlighting the distinctive tactile sensation of DAI-EL in the exhibit designs, Daikin hopes to convey the appeal and possibilities of this material to the world.