LG PuriCare already compliant to the new USA standards


As LG USA recently announced, its 70- and 55-pint LG PuriCare™ units already meet the requirements of the new Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) sustainability standards for this product category. The models UD701KOG3 and UD551GKG3 are the first dehumidifiers to achieve the demanding scores required to meet the new AHAM 7008-2018 Sustainability Standard for Household Dehumidifier Appliances, according to CSA Group, which verified and issued the standard-compliance certificate following extensive testing and data analysis. The lifecycle approach of the new dehumidifier sustainability standard addresses a product’s environmental impacts in these key areas: materials, manufacturing and operations, energy consumption during use, innovation and end-of-life management. The new certification builds on a series of AHAM/CSA/UL product sustainability standards for use by consumers, retailers, governments, non-governmental organizations and others to identify products designed
with the environment in mind.