Frigo 2000 will bring Bora at FTK 2018

Bora Professional 2.0
Frigo 2000, Italian company that distributes different important international brands such as Bora, Wolf and V-Zug, will display the most innovative solutions in the kitchen world at Eurocucina 2018 inside the FTK pavilion, that will host the best technology for cooking. In a suggestive stand, the latest models born in Bora home will be gathered, showing very advanced solutions, such as Bora Professional 2.0, that combines two large hobs with smart knob. Bora Classic, instead, is a model with touch controls and essential design, available in 4 versions. Bora Basic, finally, has an updated version, further easier to use: it has a larger cooking area but a compact design, ideal for kitchens of any dimension. All these hobs are equipped with integrated suction system that eliminates fumes and bad odors. During Eurocucina, a showcooking will also be organized with Armin A. Auer, first chef of the Bora Cook Academy, and the chef Luigi Cassago, that will show many way to use the advanced technologies of these innovative models.