Gorenje is working to renew the collective labour agreement


Gorenje Management Board reached an agreement with the trade union regarding the revision of the company collective labour agreement. As a result, the trade union cancelled the warning strike announced for March 14th.
The Management Board and the trade union reached an agreement regarding the revision of the company collective labour agreement. As written in the company press release, in order to stabilize the situation and to serve the best interest of the company Gorenje, the two sides decided to resume their negotiations. Thus, the Management Board revoked their termination of the company collective labour agreement, and the trade union cancelled the announced two-hour warning strike. Both sides committed to reach agreement regarding Gorenje’s new company collective labour agreement by April 20th, 2018.
«Although the termination of the collective labour agreement was entirely legal and legitimate – said Gorenje President and CEO Mr Franjo Bobinac – we are willing to take a step back, provided that the trade union do the same, which would ensure not only resumption of negotiations on a new collective labour agreement, but also the earliest possible completion of such negotiations. As there are only a few issues left open, we are certain that they can be resolved within a month. Thus, the company Gorenje and its employees will have in place a modern and balanced collective labour agreement that is in tune with the current times and conditions in the market, and which provides social security for the employees.»