Siemens obtained nine iF Design Awards


Siemens Appliances won nine iF Design Awards for the 2018 edition. Assigning the awards, the jury recognized the main feature of the design of the German brand, that combines advanced functionality with a futuristic style. Among the winner products, we can mention the Siemens iQ500 Series – ovens and fridge-freezers, which show sophisticated design and innovative technology. In the ovens, the glass fronts are a hallmark of the brand, while the lightControl with the delicate blue lights illuminates the various functions of the oven. In the fridge-freezer, instead, Siemens has combined innovation for the food storage with a refined aesthetics. Other winners are some models of the studioLine, the Siemens Top range: the iQ500 and iQ700 Series combine in an original way the satin-finished black steel and the black glass doors, giving the appliances an exclusive and appealing look.
«Our commitment in the field of innovation – Gerhard Nüssler, head of global design at Siemens Appliances, declares – is not just about the functions: ours appliances combine smart, cutting-edge technologies with a unique design with precious materials, for a clean and linear aesthetics. We are honored that nine of our home appliances have been awarded at the iF Design Awards. It is an important recognition of our strategy in the design field.»