Officine Gullo: two new projects for Eurocucina


Soft Gray & Nicheled Brass are the new projects that Officine Gullo is ready to present during the next edition of Eurocucina in Milan. Both are characterized by a mix of refined Italian design and high-level professional performance and perfectly express the company’s mission: to combine the classic character of shapes reminiscent of old-fashioned cooking machines, with contemporary materials and finishes. Craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details create an elegant environment but also functional to all the users’needs. The Soft Gray & Nicheled Brass project stands out for a central island of considerable size, the fulcrum and soul of the kitchen itself, and an intelligent and functional equipped wall solution. The island features a single oven cooking machine equipped with 4 burners, coup de feu, barbeque and fry top and surmounted by a professional island hood. The equipped wall includes two professional freezer fridge columns with metal door.