LG Electronics closed a positive 2017


LG Electronics announced that tentative consolidated revenues for the fourth quarter of 2017 is nearly KRW 16.9 trillion with an operating profit of KRW 366.8 billion. Revenues are expected to be 14.8 percent higher with operating profit turning from a loss to a gain from the same quarter one year prior. Total annual sales of almost KRW 61.4 trillion is expected to be 10.9 percent higher year-over-year and operating profit of KRW 2.4 trillion will see an increase of 84.5 percent over 2016.
The current year started for LG Electronics with many news, as those regarding the connected smart kitchen of the future that predicts consumer needs and reduces preparation time. During CES 2018 the company presented innovative appliances, such as the InstaView ThinQ™ refrigerator, EasyClean® oven range and QuadWash™ dishwasher maximize efficiency to allow more quality time at home, that will be among the main products of the next months.