Positive performance for Groupe SEB


Groupe SEB announced the 2017 provisional results. The company closed the last year with annual sales of 6,485 million euro, corresponding to a growth of 29.7% compared to the previous year (+9.2% like-for-like). The fourth quarter of 2017 recorded a sales value of 2,026 million euro, with an increase of 24.1% over the same period of 2016 (8.4% like-for-like). The strongest growth were reported in the EMEA and Asian countries. In the first region, the Groupe SEB sales increased 7.8% (7.6% like-for-like) during the last year. Western Europe saw a growth by 7% and the other European markets by 10.1%. The most of Asians sales are referred to China, where the company recorded a growth by 10.4%. In addition to China, very good performance were also recorded by Japan, Russia, Italy, German, Spain, France, South Korea and Brazil. The biggest decline, instead, was marked by Colombia.