Midea: Paul Fang met Justin Trudeau at Fortune Global Forum


During the Fortune Global Forum, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met the CEO and President of Midea, who also was guest of the Forum.
«Canada welcomes investment from Midea,- said Trudeau. He added that Canada attaches great importance to emerging fields such as digitalization, advanced manufacturing, and artificial intelligence and would implement appropriate research and talent strategies in those industries».
Paul Fang answered that Canada’s investment in new technology was well-known around the world and that this complemented Midea’s “twin smart” approach of Internet of Things “smart home” technology along with automated “smart” manufacturing.
As early as 2006, Midea registered its Canadian branch office in Toronto, Ontario. Since 2014, Midea’s annual sales volume of consumer electronics in Canada has exceeded 500,000 units. From January to October 2017, Midea not only achieved sales of 170 million dollar, but also increased overseas patent coverage in the North American country.