Falmec received the Good Design Award for three of its models


Dama, Materia and Oceano E.ion hoods by the Italian company Falmec received the Good Design Award 2017 and will be included in the permanent design collection of the Chicago Athenaeum.
The Good Design Award was founded in 1950 and is still one of the most prestigious international awards, assigned to innovative products of the year in terms of shape, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, sustainability and aesthetics.
Two of the winner models by Falmec, Dama and Materia, are included in The Circle.Tech collection, characterized by appliance that integrate suction and filtration in one single unit, maximizing efficiency, reducing clutter and providing new and original design possibilities.
Both the models – like all the other of the Circle.Tech line – develop horizontally. The outgoing air passes through a filtering body that surrounds the motor, spreading homogeneously, while the circular shape ensures maximum filtering surface and a better performance.
Oceano hood, instead, with its geometric cleanliness and minimalism, is part of the E.ion System collection, a line that works through controlled bipolar ionization, eliminating bad smells up to 95%. It is able to suck fumes all along its structure, thus reaching a much wider surface of odor extraction.