Samsung city at CES 2018


Samsung is presenting its latest technological news in a “Samsung City” at its CES booth, which showcases the communication and connectivity among all of the brand devices. The company also ensures that all of the devices and services featured will be available to consumers in the near future, beginning in 2018.
Across twelve different zones at Samsung’s booth, participants can see how the company’s concepts of home, business and mobility will soon change forever.
In the house, for example, the brand advanced devices already enable consumers to enjoy content more easily and continuously. Instead of content being locked to one device in one room, it can follow consumers wherever they go. Content such as live video streams can also move between devices such as Galaxy Note8 and QLED TV. Bixby is another example of how IoT con change the daily life.
If you start watching a TV show in the living room, you can say, “Bixby, I will keep watching in the bedroom,” and Bixby will pause your show and resume it when you get to the bedroom. All the associated tasks and devices can also move rooms with you and Bixby can turn the devices off in the living room if it’s now empty.
In the near future, Bixby can also be used to help people take better care of their health. Taking a photo of food, for instance, Bixby Vision could automatically calculate the number of calories in the meal, and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch could track calorie intake. Using this data, the Family Hub fridge could recommend recipes to help people manage your caloric intake.
These home technology demonstrations are based on the ability of Samsung’s devices to communicate with one another.