iRobot: confidential agreement with Black & Decker


iRobot Corp. announced that it has reached a confidential agreement with Black & Decker, according to which Black & Decker agreed to discontinue sales of all home robotic vacuums for a certain period of time after selling through its existing inventory.
«This settlement represents another successful milestone in the enforcement effort iRobot initiated earlier this year – said Glen Weinstein, executive vice president and chief legal officer at iRobot. – iRobot believes in the strength of its patents, and the agreement by Black & Decker to discontinue sales of any home robotic vacuums for a certain period of time signifies, yet again, the value of iRobot’s intellectual property.»
As part of the agreement, iRobot has agreed to remove Black & Decker from the pending U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) investigation No. 337-TA-1057 (“In the Matter of Certain Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Devices and Components Thereof Such as Spare Parts”) and the United States District Court of Massachusetts Case No. 1:17-cv-10647. The actions involving Bissell Homecare, Inc., bObsweep, Inc., bObsweep USA, Hoover, Shenzhen ZhiYi Technology Co., Ltd., Matsutek Enterprises Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will proceed.