Panasonic will celebrate 100 years in March 2018


Panasonic Corporation will celebrate its 100th anniversary next March. To mark the centennial, the company’s Design Division has recently organized the “Panasonic Design Exhibition” at Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi, Tokyo), which offered visitors a look back at Panasonic’s design journey as well as a glimpse at the path forward. Eighty-four designs from Panasonic has been awarded at the Good Design Exhibition 2017, 5 of which have been selected as the Best 100.
The theme of the company Design Exhibition was “Hands-on Innovation” and the brand wanted show its propensity to place people at the heart of design, discover new insights, and give shape to ideas. “Hands-on Innovation.” expresses Panasonic’s desire to bring innovation to lifestyles and to society. During the event Panasonic showcased cutting-edge design prototypes that reflect this desire and answer the question, “What will make life better next?” There were also products on display that gave visitors a look back at Panasonic’s design journey.