BEAMA published the Electrification by design” report


BEAMA, trade association which represents manufacturers of electrical infrastructure products and systems from transmission through distribution to the environmental systems and services in the built environment, has recently launched its “Electrification by design” report. In the document is also underlined the importance of smart and connected homes.
«Give consumers – they say from BEAMA – reasons to use and share their energy data to inform big decisions about energy efficiency and network management. Make smart devices, systems and services interoperable so consumers are free to follow a diverse and bespoke ‘smart journey’ that suits their individual needs»
The report (published on makes a case for market integration at a regional level to ensure a co-ordinated business to business approach is taken towards developing the flexible energy system required for electrification. BEAMA, that represents over 200 manufacturing companies, has identified six key market design crucial imperatives and each needs to be considered in the context of a critical path to electrification. These are:
• Electrification is a national need, but optimised, flexible energy systems will be delivered by regions and zones empowered to identify the most appropriate paths.
• Integrated and innovative finance packages are essential for market transformation.
• The supply chain must have sufficient capacity to promote sustainable growth.
• Consumers need confidence that services, systems and devices form part of a structured consumer journey. We need to navigate a critical path to electrification and decarbonisation.
• Demand Side Response needs concurrent and planned development of regulation, technology and markets.
• New and innovative ways of purchasing and providing energy services will emerge.