EcoDesign prize for Miele EcoTech heat store


The EcoTech heat store is a device created by Miele for its dishwashers from the G 6000 EcoFlex series. It was awarded with the EcoDesign prize by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature, Construction and Reactor Safety, the Federal Environmental Agency and the International Design Centre Berlin. This device utilises heat from rinse water from the previous water intake to preheat the water for the next main wash, thereby reducing energy consumption considerably. The system can reach an A+++ minus 20% on the energy label. The award was presented in Berlin by Maria Krautzberger, President of the Federal Environmental Agency.
The EcoTech heat store is located in the side panel and consists of two separated water circuits. One of these circuits transports fresh tap water; the other constitutes a series of loops. The latter contains hot water from the last program stage which is circulated to pre-heat the fresh water in the reservoir. This means that less electricity is required to heat the incoming water to the required temperature, improving the energy efficiency rating from A+++ to A+++ minus 20%. In average use, this equates to savings of around 50 kWh per year and household. And, all EcoFlex dishwashers can be connected to a hot water supply for further savings.