Home appliances industry and Brexit: what will be happen?


Following the triggering of Article 50 in March 2017, the withdrawal of the UK from the EU is currently being negotiated. CECED Europe has published a position paper about the future of the industry in the new context.
“The companies that are members of CECED – The Committee writes – have significant concerns about the progress of the negotiations and the new future relationship between EU/UK. The current level of uncertainty is unhelpful for companies to plan for future operations”. To help the manufacturing players, CECED has provided a complex analysis of key aspects having impact on our sector, taking into account the impact on trade, the market access, the safeness of appliances and so on…
“With the UK leaving the Customs Union and Single Market – CECED explains – companies on both sides risk significantly increased administrative and customs procedures leading to increased costs and time of trading. In addition to negatively affecting companies, this will also have a negative impact on consumers (increased cost for products and delays in delivery).” The complete document is published on www.ceced.eu.