Panasonic developed a new technology for IoT


Panasonic Corporation announced that it has developed a new unsupervised machine learning technology that automatically learns the optimally tuned model according to the size and complexity of the given data. This technology will be unveiled during the NIPS 2017, the Neural Information Processing Systems conference, scheduled next December 4 in Long Beach, USA. The Panasonic technology can be applied to real world situations, where the available data is small and its complexity is unknown. This development was realized at the AI Solution Center, Business Innovation Division. There are many cases in Panasonic main business areas (e.g., home appliances, residential, automotive, and B2B solutions), where it is difficult to apply AI technology because of the limitations of the available data (e.g., size limitation, unknown complexity). Since the new technology can automatically obtain the solution with an optimally tuned model, burdensome manual tuning of the model can be significantly reduced. Therefore, it can be expected that the application range of AI technology can be spread more widely. In the future, by accelerating research and development of this technology, the company will work on realizing AI technology that can be used in real situations such as familiar IoT equipment and systems.