Gruppo Lube opened a new store in Albania


Gruppo Lube goes on expanding its presence abroad. The international strategy of the Italian kitchen company aims to cover many geographical areas. Recently the Group has amplified its presence in Tirana, the capital of Albania, by opening its second store with 330 sqm of exhibition area, where visitors can personally see some environment created with kitchens and living compositions chosen among the most prestigious models of the Cucine Lube brand, such as the modern Oltre (proposed in the Industrial version), Clover and Immagina, but also Kyra by Creo Kitchens, the young brand of the Italian company that is growing very much also outside the national borders. Albania, which hosts in the city of Valona the largest Gruppo Lube store in Europe (9.000 square meters of exhibition), is getting more and more incisive for the company export business, also thanks to the brand promotion within successful television programs broadcasted on national channels, like the Albanian edition of the “Big Brother”, very popular in Macedonia and Kosovo as well.