CECED: new demonstration of the advantages of standards communication convergence


Once again CECED Europe underlined the potential of having common standards in the smart home. Through CECED/EEBus/Energy@Home interoperability demonstration, that was first unveiled at this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week, the Committee has shown again the importance of the theme on 27th November, during an event organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.
“Smart appliances that speak the same language, communicate effectively with energy managers, smart home systems and with each other within the home – in short, interoperability made simple for consumers” was evident during the event, that showcased the possibility and potential for an increased convergence of the communication standards in the energy sector and home automation. According to CECED, it was an important step towards dissolving the traditional way of thinking in sectoral silos – connecting home appliances with smart meters, lighting, heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicles.
«The increased availability of smart appliances in the European market place – explains Paolo Falcioni, CECED Europe general director – is an important development. Providing consumers with simple solutions to access the technology and thereby encourage their sustainable living is vital. This demonstration of interoperability between different appliances and industries, showed how well this could work. Therefore, we invite all relevant stakeholders to be or become involved in the further enlargement of this initiative, to other domains. And, taking this one step further, it would be equally important to promote the initiative on an international level. It could be a worldwide standard.»