More than 400 companies at the Theran Exhibition of Home Appliances


The Theran Exhibition of Home Appliances is going to close its 17th edition with general satisfaction. The trade fair has been attended by almost 400 companies of the sector that, according to the Iranian Minister of Industries, Mohammad Shariatmadari, accounts for 0.7% of the country’s gross domestic product, with a turnover of 8 billion dollar per year. Local production meets 75% of domestic demand, while imports reached 722 million dollars in the fiscal 2016-17. The Iran’s Home Appliances Association estimates the participation of 298 domestic and 137 foreign businesses from China, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Switzerland.
As written by Financial Tribune magazine, Iran also exports home appliances: last fiscal year (March 2016-17) the exports from the country recorded 245 million dollar. The most exported products were: evaporative coolers, cooling devices, refrigerators and gas appliances, mainly sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Syria and Italy.