KitchenAid presents its most advanced dishwasher


The latest dishwasher from KitchenAid combines the best cleaning, best drying and lowest water usage of any KitchenAid model ever offered. This is possible thanks to an innovative washing method called the AquaSense™ Recycling System, that allows the machine use water from the last rinse cycle to pre-rinse the next cycle, before using fresh water to complete the cleaning process.
One of the brand’s quietest models as well, it features a filter based wash system with Whisper
Quiet® 41 dBA sound insulation for the stainless steel tub. A Heat Dry Option activates a dedicated heating offering the option of having dishes completely dry at the end of a cycle. Additional premium features found on the new model include well-spaced tines that enable greater space between dishes, so wash and rinse water can clean more efficiently. To make room for larger pots, pans and dishes, fold-down tines adjust for easier accommodation. An adjustable upper rack accommodates tall plates on the lower rack when necessary.
«If you have great water efficiency, but need to rewash because you’re not getting the desired
results, that efficiency is quickly diminished – notes Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand
experience for KitchenAid. Our engineers have come up with a way to deliver on both fronts by
designing a dishwasher that not only uses 33% less water than previous models, but also is part of our best performing dishwasher collection ever.»