Gaggenau enlarges the wine cellars offer


Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances, has recently introduced two products, one new and one remodelled, to the wine climate cabinets 200 series. Both models will be available in two height sizes – the new RW 282 at 178 cm and the redesigned RW 222 at 123 cm. Both variations present the ideal of conditions to protect and preserve any private wine collection.
These Gaggenau cabinets are equipped with intelligent technology, with two separately controlled and electronically regulated climate zones that can be set between 5 ˚C and 20 ˚C, via the responsive touch keys and digital display. The cooling cabinets provide the wine connoisseur with a versatile approach to serving and consuming wine. This offers both long term storage of a collection or bringing choice bottles to drinking temperature safely.
Regarding design, the frame of the glass front can be covered with the same material as other kitchen fittings, blending seamlessly into the landscape. To ensure the aesthetic qualities of the wine bottles are maintained, the bottle trays have been carefully considered and built using the finest materials, such as untreated, rounded beech wood. Installed within the cabinets, the activated charcoal air filter removes contaminates from the environment and regulates humidity throughout.
The RW 282 offers a generous space, enough for 80 standard size bottles, while the smaller RW 222 can still house an impressive 48 bottles. The bottle trays also allow for magnums to be stored expertly, ensuring every collection can be perfectly accommodated.