Verso and Trim, the two new proposals by Falmec

Verso hood by Famec
Falmec, Italian company of kitchen hoods, presents Verso and Trim, two new kitchen hoods characterized by a clean and rigorous design combined with plusses of latest generation. Verso is a model featuring two superposed glasses that allow the passage of fumes. Available in two versions, 55 or 85 cm, it has an upper glass panel that can be open and adjust, providing a more powerful suction when needed. Its performance is guaranteed by an 800 m3/h engine and a double suction area in the bottom and the front of the hood. Customers can choice between a glossy white and black finishes.
Trim hood by Falmec
Trim, instead, is a hood that allows multiple customization solutions. Inside the 90 cm openable front panel, it is possible to apply glass, ceramic, or other materials often used for the kitchen worktop. Trim also provides high quality functionality thanks to the use of a 800 m3/h engine.