Collier Island, elegant and intelligent hood by Best


Collier Island is one of the most refined hoods of the Best Collection. This Italian company founded in Fabriano (Marche region) in 1976, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated models with technology of latest generation. Collier Island is a perfect sample of the brand philosophy that combines a precious aesthetics with functionality and sustainability. It features an innovative LED lighting system, which in addition to having a virtually “eternal” lifespan (over 40,000 hours) allows a significant reduction in energy consumption. In addition, the hood has an elegant three-speed soft touch control system and a functional advanced sensor control that automatically detects all types of odors, cooking fumes or gas, together with the heat and steam present in the kitchen, switching on and adjusting the range hood in order to remove or expel them. This device can in any case be disabled by the user at any time switching back to the traditional manual control mode.