Baraldi presents Diamond, the new induction hob with built-in hood


Diamond is the new induction hob with built-in hood, signed by the Italian company Baraldi. The model is characterized by sophisticated, compact design, easy installation and quick cleaning. In fact, the glass top features the Easy Lift System, a mechanism patented by Baraldi, that allows total lifting of the top for easy, immediate and safe cleaning of the entire hood. Diamond consists in a 4-burner induction hob with a power output up to 7200 W. It has four levels of electrical limitation of electrical absorption depending on the available power of the counter. Each inductor can be set to 10 power levels for greater precision in cooking, while thanks to the presence recognition system of the pot each cooking point is activated only when a frying pan is resting. The glass surface does not heat up directly even during cooking, ensuring greater safety and only increases the temperature if the user leaves a pot that bubbles or fires for a while. In this case, a warning light indicates attention and avoid contact. In addition, a command lock system automatically activates for child safety. The system has self-timer shutdown after a few minutes of inactivity. The catching of fumes, vapors and smell is ensured by the integrated suction system at the sides of the hob. A compact and powerful engine is hooked to the bottom for minimal clutter and maximum suction efficiency.