Polti adds a Black Premium version to the Moppy range


Polti presents the Black Premium version of Moppy, the cleaning system manufactured by the Italian company that can have many different useful uses at home. It consists of a charging base, to steam and sanitize the cloth and a light and agile cordless mop in anodized aluminium that reaches all corners and works around obstacles. The hot steam-charged cloth washes and disinfects all types of floors and vertical surfaces, removing and eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the use of detergents. Thanks to the combination of the effectiveness of steam and the simplicity of a light and agile mop eliminating the bucket, Moppy is immediate, practical and quick, annoying and heavy to move, with the added benefit of keeping hands always clean and dry. It is a made in Italy product and is also available in red and white.