Ernestomeda launches IconColor


Ernestomeda, Italian company of kitchens, presents IconColor, the new evolution of the Icon kitchen created in 2012 by the architect Giuseppe Bavuso. The iconic design of Ernestomeda is now at its third evolution with the IconColor, that makes the model more flexible, especially in the customization of aluminum parts, so far available in the only Silver finish. With IconColor Ernestomeda has developed an exclusive and patented technology that makes it possible to customize the aluminum elements in the fifty colors available for Glossy Lacquered and Flat Matt Lacquered variants, creating multiple combinations of colors. In addition it is possible to obtain a “depth effects” thanks to the new Metal Effect variants, available in ten colors, and to the FENIX Effect range. “.
Ernestomeda was founded in 1996 and manufactures top level design kitchen at competitive prices, with a style that harmonizes design, technology and security. The range now includes more than 10 programs featuring a wide variety of finishes and materials