‘Italy’ brand grew economically but not in appeal


According to the 2017 Brand Finance ranking, which each year analyses the financial value and the appeal of many nations, considered like a brand, Italy reached a record growth of over 500 billion dollar compared to 2016: only China, France and South Korea grew more. The brand rating summarizes the attractiveness of the country as an area to address investments.The result is obtained by analysis made by Brand Finance in partnership with Fdi Intelligence – Financial Times. The strong growth in the economic value of the ‘Italy’ brand , however, does not correspond to the evaluation given to the country in terms of image. Political instability and other factors have contributed to weaken the Italian appeal, limiting its growth.
Anyway, Italy’s image, though less attractive to competing countries, still has a very high value thanks to the good performance of local brands such as Eni, Ferrari, Gucci and Wind. At the top places of the ranking there area United States (first place), China, Germany, Japan and United Kingdom. Italy obtained the 9th position.