Schock: great experience at area30


Schock, manufacturer of sinks with sophisticated design, expresses satisfaction for its participation at the latest edition of area30 trade fair, where the company created a suggestive experience for the visitors. «We wanted our booth design to do three things – explained the CSO Sven-Michael Funck – we wanted it to perfectly display the sinks in combination with different worktops, creating the inspiration for different home looks. We wanted it to reflect our position as creative and unconventional thinkers who like to present thought-provoking images. And we wanted it to draw
large numbers of visitors to our booth. All three of these goals were achieved with our very well attended booth – we’re very happy with how the trade show went.»
During the exhibition, Schock unveiled two new color collections: the Millennial Line for selected models in premium Cristadur finish comprises a grey/dark blue/pink trio of shades, imbuing the sinks with a mysterious deep-sea ambience. And for sinks in Cristalite finish, the premium Golden
Line (*currently only available in Germany) was developed, consisting of four warm, natural earthy tones with a golden shimmer, offering a look reminiscent of Peruvian desert landscapes.