The Industrial Mass Customization of Haier


The 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition held in Wuxi, host the “Industrial Internet Platform Development and Software Summit”, where Haier brought its experiences with the exploration of manufacturing models in the Internet of Things era, and publicly released its Industrial Mass Customization White Paper. Mainly led and compiled by Haier Industry Intelligence Research Institute, the white paper focuses on the industrial mass customization model developed by Haier China, solving the contradiction of combining mass production and individualized customization. According to the company, integration has been perfectly realized, fulfilling the closed value loop from product experience to user experience, converting people into lifetime users by giving them the best possible user experience. Additionally, it has carried out resources organization, promoted the transformation and improvement of supply chain enterprises.
The model of industrial mass customization, presented by Haier, centers around users from the demand side. The industrial mass customization model puts users at the core with users participating in the entire process, and strives to realize full integration of production and consumption.