Panasonic: new strategy in Middle East


Panasonic announced plans to increase market penetration across Middle East as a vital part of the regional growth strategy. The company will introduce a ‘local fit’ line up and a new marketing campaign entitled ‘Makers of Quality. Mastered in Japan.’ Under the leadership of the new managing director of marketing Middle East & Africa, Hiroki Soejima, Panasonic held the annual convention in Dubai with over 80 business associates from 12 countries. During the event, it was outlined the increased focus on spreading market penetration through strategic alliance with key retailers. «Over the years Middle East region has witnessed a sustained growth across industries. – Soejima explained -. As a leading Japanese manufacturer offering the widest product portfolio, both for consumers and business’ alike, it has augured well for us. Being a customer-centric brand, we are constantly adapting and evolving to market demands and this year we aim to increase our footprints across the region. Riding along this dynamically growing market we aim to align our strategies to keep pace with the ever changing requirement with the introduction of flagship models along with a strong new line-up that will excite our customers. To invigorate our brand, we will launch our strong 360° – marketing campaign highlighting ‘Japan Quality’ reinforcing us as a premium Japanese brand.»
Soejima also highlighted Middle East as the key growth market for Panasonic and the company aims to attain a double digit growth in fiscal 2017.