Elica at Wired Next Fest


Elica, Italian company specialist in the manufacturing of kitchen hoods, will participate for the first time at the fifth edition of Wired Next Fest, Italian festival dedicated to the culture of innovation. The event will be held at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, from 30 September to 1 October 2017.

Francesco Casoli, Elica’s president
On 30 September, at 10.30 am, in Sala delle Armi of Palazzo Vecchio, the President of the Elica Group, Francesco Casoli, together with Massimo Temporelli, the founder of TheFabLab, will discuss the figure of the scientist Nikola Tesla and how his scientific approach has inspired the creation of Elica’s homonymous product, an induction hob of latest generation with integrated suction system.The revolutionary strength of NikolaTesla by Elica is the bottom suction system. Placed on the center of the hob, the suction system ensures very high performance in terms of fumes suction, silence and energy efficiency (it is in A+ class). It also allows an odor filtration close to 100%.