Area30 – Hansgrohe presented two sink combination units


Hansgrohe brought to area30 the new generation of built-in kitchen sink combination units. the brand solutions feature intuitive controls, sophisticated functions and timeless, high-end design. The combinations, comprising a sink, a tap, intuitive controls and sophisticated technical components, were developed in cooperation with the renowned Phoenix Design studio based in Stuttgart. The company offers a choice of two innovative control concepts. In the first, the water control unit has been separated from the tap and placed at the front right-hand side of the sink rim. This offers all users, regardless of age, height, and even physical disability, added convenience. The second model integrates Select technology directly into the sink itself. A large elegant button on the right sink rim turns water flow from the multi-jet kitchen tap on and off. The clever button also opens and closes the drain so that no other control is required in or around the sink, or detracts from its visual appeal. Both models allow to control the flow of water using the back of the hand or elbow. No electricity or extra devices are required in the base cabinet; the technology behind the Select button is purely mechanical.