Area30 – showcooking in a truck for SapienStone


Another Italian company present at area30 is SapienStone. The company has chosen a very original way to display its products: a truck, that will bring Italian deign to eastern Westfalia with two kitchens where are held a series of cooking shows. SapienStone is the innovative Iris Ceramica Group brand, specialist in top quality porcelain kitchen countertops,
Inside its truck , a very unusual stand on wheels positioned to the left of the main entrance to the show at Stand C01, members of the trade, architects and designers will be able to admire two kitchens with SapienStone porcelain countertops : Uni Ice in one, and Basalt Black in the other.
The Basalt Black countertop features an exclusive integrated TPB tech® cooker developed in partnership with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona® , a Spanish company, transforming the countertop into a cooker; new generation induction elements and touch controls are integrated into the porcelain countertop to make it possible to cook right on the worktop.
An Italian cooking shows and practical demonstrations will be held on Monday September 18 and Tuesday September 19, from 11:30 to 13:30 and from 16:00 to 18:00.
Designed and made entirely in Italy, SapienStone countertops are made with through-colouring according to the strictest international standards.