From cooking to laundry: all the AEG news at Ifa 2017


comfortlift aeg
Innovations in all the sectors were shown by AEG during IFA 2017. The German brand presented appliances and accessories designed to improve the consumer experience, such as the award-winning ComfortLift dishwasher, the connected laundry appliances, the kitchen eco systems and salt stone cooking blocks. And to improve the effectiveness of the product and make the life easier, AEG has also introduced some interesting accessories.
AEG Salt Block is an Himalayan salt block offering a new way of preparing and experiencing food, as well as a novel and healthy way of interacting with seasoning (Himalayan pink salt contains over 80 trace minerals). Superior heat distribution (due to the crystalline structure of the salt) means that temperature spreads evenly through the entire block – food cooks/chills at the same rate, no matter where placed. The salt block is equally at home on the hob, in the oven, in the fridge and freezer and acts as a great tool for food preparation, for directly cooking on as well as a serving plate – from flavourful steaks, vegetables and fish to a sizeable base for cheese and biscuits.
The SpinView shelf, instead, is a smart addition to the CustomFlex mastery range of fridges. Available from spring 2018 the innovative rotating shelf can be turned 360 degrees in both directions. Making storage easier, it eliminates the need to take groceries out of the fridge to find something hidden or forgotten about when obstructed from view.
A new helper in the laundry is the AEG Ultrasonic Stain Remover Pen, that targets spills and stains effortlessly for efficient treatment of clothing and fabrics before washing. When used with water and detergent, ultrasound technology sends tiny vibrations through fibres to loosen stains particle by particle so they are more easily removed when washed. Common stains that can be treated include red wine, coffee and tea as well as blue ink and mud.