Miele presents its new generation oven

Markus Miele (on the left) and Reinhard Zinkann, the two executive directors and co-proprietors of Miele Appliances
IFA 2017 is a very important event for Miele that is presenting many innovations such as the Dialog oven, described by the company as a revolutionary new cooking appliance. It can, for example, cook fish embedded in the center of a block of ice – without the ice melting. Moreover, if dissimilar fresh ingredients for an entire meal as a leg of lamb, green asparagus and potato wedges are placed on an oven tray they finish cooking, done to perfection, at precisely the same time.
«The results are simply excellent – declared Markus Miele – and the cooking process is up to 70% faster than using conventional technology».
The products uses a new technology called M Chef, that makes electromagnetic waves communicate in a smart way with the texture of food, hence the term ‘Dialog’ oven. As these waves cook without browning, the Dialog oven always combines M Chef technology with radiant and convection heat as in roof and floor heating or fan heat. The market launch of the Dialog oven is planned for April 2018 in Germany and Austria.