Celebrations for BSH in the United States


August will be a month of celebrations for BSH Home Appliances in the United States. The company will organize some special events for some of its important steps in North America. The first is the 20th anniversary of manufacturing in Lafollette with the opening of new Cooking Technology Center in Caryville. The events will be attended by BSH management, with the CEO and President Christofer von Nagel, the COO Russell Dorsten, the CFO Kai Schrickel, but also state and local government officials and BSH employees. Another celebration will be dedicated to the opening of BSH Refrigeration Technology Center in Knoxville with a ribbon cutting. The last special event will be organized for 20-year dishwasher manufacturing anniversary and break ground on its new dishwasher facility expansion, adding 100,000 square feet to the current facility.