Elica embellishes hoods with copper

The Shining hood by Elica
Copper is a widespread material in furnishings, it has a long tradition and offers endless design opportunities. This is why Elica, Italian company of kitchen hoods, has chosen just copper for two of its models: Shining and Summilux. The first is an elegant model of the New Evolution range, which, thanks to its iconic silhouette, looks like a lamp, adapting to every room in the house, from industrial to vintage environment, from classic to contemporary ones. It is also equipped with a Led disk that optimally illuminates the hob, making the light one of the distinctive features of the product.
The Summilux hood by Elica
Summilux, instead, is another fine product, made with copper, white and frosted glass finishes. The combination of copper and glass creates the right balance between emotion and technology, making the product ideal for being installed on different styles of modern and classic kitchens. The hood is equipped with a double source of light: an intense light for the environment with adjustable intensity and a Led disk directed on the hob.