Miele explains its commitment for sustainability and social responsability


Miele has published its 2017 Sustainability Report, titled ‘Partner for Generations’, where the German company explains how since 2000, it has more than halved the electricity and water consumption of its appliances, making consistent progress on issues such as corporate environmental protection. Miele tests its products to last up to 20 years; spare parts are available for 15 years after the discontinuation of production, and, at the end of a long machine life, domestic washing machines, to name but one example, contain up to 85% recyclable materials. Responsible management, now in the hands of fourth-generation representatives of the proprietor families, starts long before products leave the factory gates. More and more, the focus is on encouraging suppliers to assume their responsibility towards individuals and the environment. This is done by demanding compliance with valid environmental and social standards. This also includes the elimination of corruption and guaranteeing humane working hours and fair pay.
The 2017 Sustainability Report has been compiled according to Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and is primarily aimed at experts in NGOs, associations, the body scientific, politics, administration and media.