Lg Oled TVs range offers a cinema experience at home


Okja, from renowned Korean director Bong Joon Ho, made a splash at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and is now available for streaming on Netflix in over 190 different countries. This movie will also be the first title on Netflix to support Dolby Atmos to deliver superior audio performance for an added dimension of storytelling. The lineup of LG Oled TVs. LG’s 2017 Oled TVs provide a cinematic experience of high level, thanks to their high-quality picture rendering and multi-dimension audio capabilities. LG’s Oled TVs are full compatible with both Dolby VisionTM and Dolby Atmos that future movies will be capable of supporting. Leveraging the high-dynamic range innovation that powers Dolby’s most advanced cinemas around the world, Dolby Vision transforms the TV experience in the home by delivering greater brightness and contrast, as well as a fuller palette of rich colors using dynamic metadata and Dolby’s intelligent display mapping engine in each playback device. In addition, all 2017 LG OLED TVs support Dolby Atmos, which deliver theater-quality sound right to your living room.